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Brakes:  CNC Folders
When calling about CNC Folders, we will need to know maximum length, maximum hemming and whether it is regular or bi-directional.  Tennsmith SBS 126-14 and 150-16 are regular type, MTS are box type, SWI via Tennsmith/Bi-directional. (No need to flip sheet upside down.)

Brakes:  Leaf
When inquiring about machines or parts, we will need the following information:
     Straight or box pan
     Hemming thickness
     Hand or hydrolic

Brakes:  Press
There are manual through robotic available.

When calling to reference Press Brake sizing, please consider the following:
*Thickness range
*Tensile strength for each
*Air bending or bottoming or channel forming
*Maximum bend length required overall and between housings
*Backgauge: Power or CNC
*CNC Control which Axes
     1.  HDE Y, YX (Ram and BG)
     2.  Euromaster-E Y, Y2, X; optional R (fingerheight), crown
     3.  Euromaster-S  Y, Y2, X, R, optional: crown
     4.  Pressmaster- Z1, Z2, crown, Options- Sheet follower and robot
     5.  HDSY over 350 19-16 or 440-13-10
* Tool Style:  American, European, or Wila "New Standard"




Brakes:  Tooling
We can help provide tooling products and any model press brake.  Let us know whether you need planed or precision ground.

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