Press Types


Wide Bed Gap
Straight Side


4 post
Straight Side

Flying Cut Off

For Rollforming or Automated Lines

Press Accessories

Fab Machine is the leading industrial press brake manufactures catering quality types of press accessories like new & used press brakes, hydraulic press brakes, metal stamping press machine and flying cut-out press. We also deal in sheet metal machinery press and metal stamping press. Press brakes range from basic hydraulic ram and manual backgauge to full robotic bending cells. Mechanical brakes have been semi-obsoleted by OSHA and Insurance companies.

Heim and Rousselle make mechanical presses in Chicago.

Their OBI/OBS range from 25 to 300 ton

Wide bed gap from 40 to 300 ton

Straight-sides from 40 to 1000 ton

HMI makes hydraulic gap frame presses in Iowa from 35 to 165 ton.

Samco makes hydraulic presses for in-line punching or cut-off on rollforming lines.

Sunrise makes hydraulic punches in Taiwan from 38 to 220 ton and die sets can be used in them.

Contact us for more details and more trusted products that we provide.

Feed Equipment

  • Reels/Uncoilers    –   Coil Weight x width X OD/ID
  • Straightener –     Width, thickness, yield
  • Servo Feed  –  Width, thickness, yield, feedlength
  • System      –    fpm, spm, feed window (degrees)

Other Accessory Options

  • Conveyors Wardcraft
  • Quick Die Clamp Wardcraft
  • Die Monitoring


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