Brakes - CNC Folders

Fab machine is the leading press brake machinery dealer in Texas providing new and used press industrial brakes machinery, top quality hydraulic press brakes, stamping presses, and more. When calling about CNC Folders, we will need to know the maximum length, maximum hemming, and whether it is regular or bi-directional. Tennsmith SBS 126-14 and 159-16 are regular types, MTS is box type.  Also Roper Whitney CNC Folders with same controls. Roper Whitney also has long folders to 40 FT. EvoBend bi-directional CNC folders 10’6” to 26’. We also provide CNC plasma cutting tables as per your needs.

Brakes - Leaf

  • Tennsmith
  • Roper Whitney-Connecticut
  • Dreis & Krump “Chicago”

When inquiring about machines or parts, we will need the following information:

  1. Straight or box pan
  2. Length
  3. Thickness
  4. Hemming thickness
  5. Hand or hydraulic

Brakes - Press

There are manual through robotic available.

Now offering Cybend/G.A.D.E. Hybrid Press Brakes,flush floor hi speed and hi precision to 490 ton x 14′.
CNC hydraulic to 1100 ton x 33′.5″
CNC Electric also available-limited sizes.
Still offering Atek/Bantam (pneumatic), Betenbender Hydraulic and Haco CNC.
When calling to reference Press Brake sizing, please consider the following:
  1. Thickness range
  2. Tensile strength for each
  3. Air bending or bottoming or channel forming
  4. Maximum bend length required overall and between housings
  5. Backgauge: Power or CNC
  6. CNC Control multiple Axes
  7. Tool Style:  American, European, or Wila “New Standard”

Brakes - Tooling

We provide tooling products and any model press brake.  Let us know whether you need planned or precise ground. Connect with us today!


When you need the part, we have the solution!