Flagler, Roll Former LLC,  and Samco all make rollformers and rollforming lines in North America. Send HVAC profile description. On other profiles need endview with material thickness range and type.  Need to know if hand fed or coil fed, length range, volume, and whether or not you need inline processing (punching, notching, or cut-off) or automation (loading, un-loading, stacking, or packaging. Also offer wing-bender for bending ends of rollformed product. Samco makes PBR/R-/Ag-panel lines and other building profiles. Roll Former also makes many metal building and roofing profile lines. Flagler big in HVAC and walk-in cooler lines but also makes custom machinery Contact us to get more details on rollformers and our other products.

  • Flagler
  • Samco
  • HVAC type (name profiles) + gauge
  • Custom
Description, drawing, dimensions, and yield strength.
Strip or Coil fed
Inline punching



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